“Art thou troubled, music will calm thee” 
From Rodelinda von G.F. Händel

In this new era of living through and after a pandemic, we are seeking out new social formations and artistic spaces which allow for change.

The CONCERT OF SADNESS is a musical performance and a space for sadness.

The singer will lead the audience through a peculiar ceremony, down to the depth of sadness. She will sing, among other songs, the well-known lamento from Dido and Aeneas, the pop song The Kiss by Judee Sill, scores from the film Yentl, a song by Brecht, a Dutch nursery rhyme and the old German traditional Am Brunnen vor dem Tore.

On her journey, which ventures off the path of classical concert conventions, the singer is accompanied by a young performer who will experience the journey by her side. He will show himself to be caring, screaming or dancing.

According to each one’s need for closeness or distance, audience members can at all times decide where they want to be.