Festival of Sadness

The Festival of Sadness, taking place from September 19th till October 7th 2018 on different locations in Maastricht and Aachen, is an EU-regional festival that contains a Concert of Sadness and a diverse side-program.

The central question this festival is built upon states: ‘What do we need in order to acknowledge, accept and experience sadness together?’

The Festival of Sadness is an initiative of director Margreet Sweerts and singer Christina Fischer, who want to offer the festival as a counterweight for the ambitious ideal image of the makeable human. They strive to literally create a place for sadness.

Concert of Sadness

The heart of the Festival of Sadness is the Concert of Sadness, which takes place in a specially designed traveling space. This concert examines how the audience can be moved through singing to relax and allow the grief to be present.

Singer Christina Fischer sings a repertoire that goes from classical to pop to nursery rhyme, in German, English, Dutch and French. She precedes in a wondrous ceremony, supported by a young performer and a pianist, and together they will lead the audience to the bottom of sadness.


Aside from the concert, a diverse program of various lectures, workshops and films has been put together in collaboration with various partners in Aachen and Maastricht.